Do You Dream of Me?

My dear son, do you dream of me?

bw-11-srus-6846I watch with wonder as you sleep.

The tiniest twitch of your mouth brings me joy.

What does your silent smile mean?

Or the gentle way you sigh?

Do you dream of me as I dream of you?

I have longed for you for years.

Now that you are here I still dream of you.

Do you know how often I have prayed for you?

Is the peaceful look on your face an answer to my prayer that you will find safety and security in your mother’s arms?

Am I everything I need to be for you, my son?

Will I rise to the challenges of motherhood?

Do you see the uncertainty I feel?

Do you feel the love I give so freely?

Do you dream of me as I dream of you?

I watch you in awe.

12 days ago you shared my womb.

Now you are here.

An answered prayer.

And I still dream of you.


6 thoughts on “Do You Dream of Me?

  1. Kim, your son is simply adorable. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I remember watching Carl, Jr. many, many times as he slept. There is something amazing about a man-child. Whatever your son needs, you will be enough…

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  2. Babe, this is so beautiful! And here I thought I was the poetic one. This needs to be framed in the baby’s room. I love you and thank you for everything you endured to make me a daddy and enlarge our family!



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