I Won’t Pretend

One of my sorority sisters is coming over in about an hour and I am going to resist the urge to pretend I am perfect. I get the urge to do a full Spring cleaning any time I am expecting a visitor.

I am going to leave the dishes in the sink and the toys on the kitchen counter.

There will be unfolded laundry in not 1 but 3 baskets.

The mail bin will continue to overflow.

The bags that need to go to the Goodwill will stay prominently displayed on the dining room floor.

My seventeen piles of books will remain.

The dusting will not be completed.

I want my neat and tidy home back. Each day I wake with a “to do” list full of chores and I am eager to attack them. I love checking items off my “to do” list. It makes me feel like I am the master of the universe.

Then my baby gives me that longing look. He opens his mouth and demands attention. He is teething and his usually mild mannered demeanor becomes a constant need for cuddles, snuggles, mommy’s milk-sicles, and all kinds of teething toys.


So each day I skip a couple of items on my “to do” list and by Friday…well, see above.

Instead of feeling anxious and canceling my plans, I will welcome my friend with enthusiasm. Because we live in our house and I am sure she lives in hers, too.





……………but let me go fold some laundry real quick……….





2 thoughts on “I Won’t Pretend

  1. Great post! I don’t have a child but I feel that way sometimes too. There is always pressure to have the “perfect home” for guests but having a perfect home does not always fall easily into your busy schedule. More often than note we are so much more bothered by those 3 baskets of laundry than our guests would ever be. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt embarrassed by my home and felt the need to explain the mess and my guest couldn’t even see what I was talking about!

    Now if you have random egg shells on your kitchen floor that have festered there for days on end, THEN you may need to re-think your general approach to cleanliness LOL.


  2. Laundry can wait! He will be grown and gone before you know it. And, you will still have laundry.

    Baby can not wait! Keep those cuddles, hugs, mommy milk-sicles coming. When he is grown, you will still have cuddles and hugs.

    You are an EXCELLENT MOM!


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