Saved by the Bell

October was a stressful month for me. Deadlines galore. Fall Festival planning for my church. Finishing up a fundraiser for the children and youth ministry. And people keep speeding in the 4th Ward. My mind was busy. Joseph was busy. I was tired.

Then my grandfather died and I put everything on hold. I stopped planning and I stepped away from my to-do list. When I came back to my to-do list I noticed it had gotten longer. Apparently it did not get the memo that I was tapped out.

I was so tapped out that when my friend sent me a thoughtful text last week,


I didn’t respond.

Which is unlike me. Even if I respond later in the day, I try to respond because not responding is just rude in my book.

I didn’t respond because I didn’t want to send a text that read,  “I am overwhelmed. I have been in the middle of the same set of unfortunate circumstances for 6 months and I am trying really hard to hold on to my faith that God is going to work this out for my good. However, I am starting to feel hopeless. I need help and I feel like when I ask for it no one is there to help me because everyone is used to me making it happen.” I couldn’t bring myself to fake the reply, “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” So…I said nothing. I thought about the text from time to time. How it was nice that she asked. How I wish I had time to really tell her how I felt. But the days passed and I left it alone.

Then yesterday happened. Ugh. Monday. Things were going wrong. A vendor did not meet a deadline (for the 4th time). I was over budget on an event and needed to scale back. Joey spent too much time in the pack-n-play and mommy guilt was creeping in. Then I got 2 text messages with more pressing “to-do” items. Enough was enough. I texted my husband and asked him to pray for me. He did and he told me to breathe. In my head I was thinking, “Forget breathing, I need some actual help!”

Literally 10 minutes later my phone rang. It was the aforementioned friend. My battery was at 5% and I thought about not answering because surely the phone would die during the conversation. I really didn’t have time to talk anyway.

I answered the phone and my friend said, “How are you? I texted you last week? I am checking on you. How can I help? I am here to help.” WOW. She insisted that there was something she could do to help me and she was right. She came through for me. She did what I needed her to do, she followed up.

Follow up with someone you have been meaning to check on today. You could be the answer to their prayers.

Added bonus my friend also showed me a well timed meme that made me laugh. A well timed meme is golden. No…I am not sharing the meme with you. Get your own meme.