An Invitation to Share Life Together

My pastor is doing a series on community right now. Community is something that I have always found elusive in the traditional church setting. You see the same people every week, sometimes multiple times a week. Yet there is often no real connection outside of the church walls.

I love hard and I like to build deep relationships. I’d rather have a few friends that know me intimately than have many friends with shallow relationships. It also takes me a while to feel comfortable enough with a person to want to go deeper than surface level.

As a believer I know that sharing your life with others is crucial to a healthy Christian lifestyle. I remember quoting Psalm 133:1 at the opening of Sunday School each week, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Our small group kick off is next week and I am looking forward to participating in a place where life is shared together.

Here are 10 reasons why I am looking forward to the start of our new small group:

  1. I need to be around other solid believers who are actively pursuing Christ.
  2. I like sharing food and we get to eat at small group.
  3. Small group heightens accountability to your brothers/sisters in Christ.
  4. I will feel more connected to members of a large-ish congregation.
  5. I think it will feel like the early church in Acts 2 where members were together with all things in common and broke bread in their homes.
  6. We get to eat.
  7. The thirty-somethings (and twenty-somethings) are largely underrepresented in churches so it will be nice to get to know others in my age group who are serious about loving God and loving others.
  8. I will grow in my faith.
  9. There will be more opportunities for me to serve and help others because I will become more aware of what people’s needs are.
  10. There will be food.



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